Awarded to

National Redress Scheme

01 Nov 2018

Scouts SA have been formally declared a participant in the National Redress Scheme


YPR Groups 2019

30 Oct 2018

Applications are open for 15-20 Groups to start rolling our the new Youth Program in 2019


Woodhouse Working Bee

24 Oct 2018

Sunday 18 November A great service activity for Scouts, Venturers, Rovers, parents and leaders, so round up your mates and come and lend a hand to see the installation of these exciting new activities through to completion. Sunday 18th November from 9am with BBQ lunch provided


Scouts Australia's Apology

05 Oct 2018

Today, on Friday the 5th October 2018, Scouts Australia apologised to survivors of child sexual abuse in Scouting. Making this apology is part of Scouts Australia’s commitment to acknowledge and address the harm that some of its members have suffered through Scouting.


The Joey Program

 Click here for the current program

We have some very exciting things coming up this term at Joeys!
 Check out the calendar here or ask your Leader for a copy of the term program.

Some of the things we might do include;

Because Scouts learn by doing it is important to get out and do it! Excursions might be to places such as a local aged care home to sing to the residents as part of our helping in the community, visits to the zoo to learn about animals, a trip to the beach to learn about sea creatures, a hike in the national park. The possibilities are endless! Sometimes Parents or Guardians are needed to come to make sure we have plenty of adults to help and of course its always nice to see your child having so much fun!

Camping is fun for Joey Scouts and parents! We usually have a theme such as 'Medieval' and dress up, make castles and have a huge fun time while we learn all about out theme.
Camp is a great learning time for Joey Scouts who get the opportunity to sleep in dorms, cabins or tents, For some of the Joeys it will be their first experience camping and the leaders will give plenty of support to Joeys and parents who are unsure about what to do or what to bring.

Have a look in the section 'what Joeys need' to see what you might need but camp lists vary depending on the type of accommodation, the types of activity included and the time of year, for example a camp in dorms will not require a tent and a canoeing camp will require shoes ans clothes that can get wet or muddy!
And don't worry, we usually manage to scramble up tents and back packs or other gear so you don't need to go rushing off to the shops at the sight of a camp notice, just ask your leaders if you are unsure about anything and they will be more than happy to help you out.


Group Camp
Joeys Scouts enjoy attending a group Camp with the other sections of the Group and Leaders. It is a good time for Joeys and parents and the other youth and leaders of the group to get together and get to know each other and find out what the other sections do. This is often a special time for going-up ceremonies and the presentation of special awards or badges so that the whole group can celebrate in each others achievements.


Sleep overs
Sleepovers at the hall are usually a Joey's first introduction to sleeping away from home. A Joey scout sleep over usually involves a theme and a much longer activity than can take place on the usual meeting night at the hall. Parents are welcome to stay the night at the sleepover but as long as there are enough adults to keep a good adult to Joey ratio, and you and your Joey are comfortable with it, then you don't necessarily need to.

District Events
Often the District will organize with the Joey Leaders to have a District event. This might be a Disco, a sleep over, a camp or a celebration of an event such as Harmony Day or Joeys Birthday. District events are a good way of making friends outside the regular mob meeting and of course, the more Joeys, the more fun!

Branch Events
The Branch also organize events for Joeys to enjoy, these include a Hoporee every two years where all the Joeys in the state camp together and enjoy a huge round of activities for everyone to enjoy

Joey Zoo Day is another example of a Branch event with all the Joeys attending a day out at the zoo together with a group picnic and educational activities.